Traveling Film Festival – Kickstarter Project Launched

A summer plan to take teen filmmakers on a tour to share their stories and inspire youth to take positive action

Thousands of New Yorkers have been moved and inspired by the stories of Reel Works teen filmmakers through the weekly broadcasts of our youth-produced series “Reel Works with Avan Jogia” on NYC-Life [Channel 25]. But the topics that affect many teens – like bullying, the immigrant experience, living with a disease and the loss of a parent –  do not only affect young people in the “Big Apple”.

When teens share their stories with others just like them, something powerful happens and they learn they’re not alone and are often times empowered to make inspired positive action .  That is why the Reel Works Junior Advisory Board has curated a selection of Reel Works films, which cover some very important issues that impact young people everywhere for the Reel Works Traveling Film Festival to visit communities from the Tri-State area to Washington, D.C. so they can  share their stories and inspire other young people just like them to have their voices heard!

The Reel Works Traveling Film Festival will partner with community organizers and teachers to screen award winning youth produced films in local communities – supported by youth produced discussion guides, lesson plans and connected cause-centric resources.

All this month on Kickstarter, Reel Works will be trying to raise $10,000 to cover travel, lodging and food, design and duplication of DVD’s, discussion guides, lesson plans as well as publicity material including promotional posters, buttons and t-shirts.

Please support us!

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