Kickstarter Project: “We are half way there!”

It’s been exactly a week since we launched our kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for our “Traveling Film Festival”!  In just 5 days we raised nearly 50% of our goal!!  BIG THANKS to friends, family, long time supporters and a few strangers for getting us there.

We’ve been particularly moved and impressed by the amount of enthusiasm and support we’ve gotten from the students themselves as well as complete strangers!! Many of whom are teenagers themselves from all over the country who are longing to connect with other kids with similar stories.

The JetSet Times, a travel blog, surprised us by featuring our kickstarter on their website:

Avan Jogia, star of ABCFamily’s “Twisted” and host of our TV show, tweeted to his 856,000 followers: “Lend a hand to @ReelWorks: Their Kickstarter is 1/2 way there. #giveteensavoice

We know the the second half is going to be harder than the first: Please support us with your donation (maybe there is some spare change between your couch cushions?) and let your family and friends know about the project. No donation is too small!

We only need to raise an additional $4,267 to cover travel, lodging and food, design and duplication of DVDs, discussion guides and lesson plans as well as publicity material including promotional posters, buttons and SUPER AWESOME t-shirts (and tote bags – soon to be announced on Kickstarter).  We’re confident that we’ll meet that goal if enough people give, even at small amounts (there is a $1 minimum pledge and it really does make a difference)!

Here is the link to our kickstarter to share out :

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