Reel Works Teens get Money Smart with Capital One


On Thursday, July 25, Capital One representatives came to Reel Works for a workshop in which they spoke to our students about the importance of investing and budgeting.
Budgeting and saving for big expensive things, like college, is a daunting thought, especially for our teens. Capital One met with our teens and had them do a few activities that helped them get a better sense as to why investing is necessary.


95% of Reel Works grads go on to college, most of them not being conscious of how high college expenses could be. In this workshop, Capital One answered our students questions on loans, credit card usage, and saving plans.
Students who attended the workshop and are planning to attend college for the first time in the fall found the workshop to be extremely beneficial. Those students who already were in college loved the workshop so much that they wished that they knew all this information before they went to college!
Thank you, Capital One for teaching all of us the power of budgeting! Looks like our students will make nothing but smart financial decisions!
By Janil Santana
President, Junior Advisory Board

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