Next week, Master Lab Premiere at BAM Fisher

A few words from Christopher O’Falt, our Master Lab instructor, on the upcoming screening at BAM Fisher next Thursday.

One of the unique things about Reel Works is that after students finish one of the lab programs they continue to return to our space to be part of the community. Master Lab was an experiment in how to channel that energy and introduce these passionate students to the next level of filmmaking.


The challenge was to teach students, who successfully told a personal story about themselves in the documentary lab, to create a visual narrative about their worlds through their own unique lens. These teenagers came up with an idea, constructed a narrative around it and then produced, shot and edited a film, all while learning the new technical and visual filmmaking skills they would need to successfully make their shorts.

It was a tremendous undertaking and it’s a testament to these students and their dedicated mentors that these ten films reached the finish line. The fact that they are also accomplished and engaging pieces of filmmaking is something that is truly astounding.

Please join us next Thursday, we’re anxious to share with you these fresh, thought provoking films and re-introduce you to what Reel Works students are capable of doing.

– Christopher O’Falt, Master Lab Instructor

Reel Works 2014 Master Lab Premiere:

February 27, 2014

@ BAM Fisher

321 Ashland Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Reception: 6pm

Screening: 7pm


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