Reel Works Visits Panavision

panavision_visitSix Reel Works filmmakers visited Panavision to tour their facility and get hands-on experience with professional camera equipment.

“The trip to Panavision was terrific experience. Not only did we get hands-on time with industry level cameras, we also received company T-shirts,” said Orges Bakalli, 21 (Spring Lab 2011), current Master Lab Teaching Assistant.

The tour included a glimpse into the Panavision projection room where lenses are tested prior to being delivered to the set. “The experience made me realize how important cameras were in film and how it affects the outcome of what film looks like,” said Stephanie Cherng, 16.

Karim Alexander, 16, looks through the viewfinder of a film camera.
Mitchell Davis, 16, learns how to load a film magazine.

The students operated film cameras and learned how to load film into a magazine and feed it into the camera – an art that has been lost in the rise of digital film. “I think I found the secret to why the quality of movies has gone down over the years,” says Dexter Dugar, recent Fall Lab 2013 graduate. “Since digital makes filmmaking easier, they don’t have to try as hard.”

Thank you to Sean Strong and the folks at Panavision for making this happen for our young filmmakers at Reel Works!

Reel Works filmmakers check out an anamorphic lens.
Stephanie Cherng, 16, operates a Panavision film camera.

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