Reel Works Kickstarter is Live!!!

The 72 Hours: A Brooklyn Love Story? Kickstarter page is live!

Join us and help Reel Works Teens create their first feature film by:

1) spreading the word: Re-post on your twitter and facebook. Email the kickstarter link to your friends and family. Even a $1 donation will make a difference!

2) become a booster: Help us find sites and people to send our kickstarter to. This includes press, Brooklyn film and media companies, and cool people you think would like to hear about this film!

3) donate: All donations will go towards making 72 Hours happen. Shooting starts in July so every dollar counts. Give $100, $50, $20, $5 or even $1 today!


Not only will this Kickstarter make 72 Hours possible, but it will help us create more projects like these for our teen filmmakers. Help spread the word and give today!

Best wishes,

Your Reel Works Kickstarter Team

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