Reel Works Volunteers Take On “NY On Location” Street Festival

behind the screen

Over the weekend, on Sunday 9/21, members of the Reel Works community volunteered at NY on Location, a behind the scenes look at filmmaking that provided patrons with the feel of being on a film set in New York. The event was sponsored by The Museum of The Moving Image and Kaufman Studios and produced by Michelle Byrd, a consultant with the Museum of The Moving Image. The layout included wardrobe and star trailers, where A-listers lounge around and freshen up in between takes, make up demonstrations, that made a few people turn their heads, ready to grab the on-site EMTs, and rain and snow effects that the crowds could walk through in the almost 80 degree warm weather.

The morning began with a burst of energy as Reel Works volunteers circulated throughout the event helping to check-in press, passing out flyers to keep the guests informed, directing the crowds to attractions, and helping the museum and other NY On Location staff as needed.

The hard work of the morning paid off as the event practically became self sustaining. On their down time volunteers talked animatedly about the attractions they were able to see, specifically the stunts, which required brave stunt performers to take a leap of faith from a great height; also featured were staged fight scenes, with crowd reactions that varied from looks of horror and shock to cheers for the hero, and of course the all important and exciting screeching car stunts.

The Museum of Moving Image was also open, so volunteers got the chance to explore there as well. Reel Works Volunteer, Lizbeth Mejia said, “I just think it’s amazing how film was made with this huge thing (referring to a large movie camera) and these small cameras.”, speaking of the core exhibition of the Museum, Behind the Screen.

“I really enjoyed the event from beginning to end, it was fun and informative, there was always something to do and learn all the way until the clock struck five. I had the opportunity to network with behind the scenes movie professionals, which could possibly benefit me in the future. Overall it was great and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have participated.” stated Brianna Graham, Volunteer.

Although the volunteers were there to provide assistance, NY on Location and the Museum of Moving Image provided Volunteers with much more including not only what it takes to pull of an event such as this, networking opportunities, but also education on film.

“It was a very eventful day,” says Angel Evans, Reel Works Media Education Associate, who lent a helping hand at the event.

And I have to agree.

-Kayla Scott

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