Tayana’s Thoughts On Coney Island Film Festival

This month, Reel Works student Tayana Brumaire’s film Girl in Progress screened at the Coney Island Film Festival. Tayana is a graduate of the Fall 2013 Lab Class. She currently serves as the President of the Junior Advisory Board and is making her second film in the Fall 2014 Master Lab Class. 
In Tayana’s words:
“My experience at the Coney Island film festival was great. Being able to be a part of this festival where film makers showcased their work felt so amazing. I felt honored being a part of a group of talented and more experienced film makers than me. I was amazed watching their great films that were a part of the festival. I was happy that I was able to showcase my film Girl in Progress and get great responses to sharing my personal journey and self progress as a young woman. When I stood in front of everyone with other professional filmmakers, I felt great and nervous at the same time. I felt a sense of power and accomplishment thinking about how far I came from where I started in my film making process. Just last year I never thought that I would have made a film and let alone be apart of a festival with other great film makers. I want to thank everyone at the Coney Island Film Festival for this great opportunity to showcase my first film. The experience made me want to go out a continue my journey as a film maker to reach my full potential. I hope to be a part of the festival again in the near future.”

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