Dexter Dugar on set at 72hoursBK!

dexter dugar pic

I had a great experience working on the 72 Hours set and I learned quite a few things. Certain things I’ve already known, like setting stands and sandbagging them. But I also learned new things, like how to set lights.

Working with Rachel Adkins and her partner Jonathan, I helped rig certain areas for lighting, and that was quite the task. I learned how to tell the different sizes of pipes, the names for the various attachments. Those names by the way, can be quite ridiculous. From Big Ben to Mombocombo to Gary Coleman, the names can get very explicit and I ain’t going there.

I learned how to wire as well as how to know what wire is Ground, Neutral, or Hot. I’ve also played Tetris. Before you ask, I meant reorganizing the truck. These are just a couple new things I learned, but the greatest lesson I learned is how not to die when wiring. Green is Ground. White is Neutral. Red/Black/Blue are usually hot. – Dexter Dugar

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