Reel Works First Video Exchange

Reel Works is proud to announce the first In-Schools international video exchange!

The students of Mott Hall Bridges Academy have been exploring the concept of home for their first semester of their film class taught by Reel Works Teaching Artist Daniel Cambridge and Student Teachers Steve Speranza and Shy Trotman. They have been discussing how the media portrays their neighborhood of Brownsville, race and gender in the media, and how they want their home to be seen in the news. They were able to tell the story of their home and school in their own words with this project.

Reel Works has been lucky enough to partner with TED Hatay Koleji, an international school in Antaka, Hatay,Turkey on the border of Syria, that over the last few years has seen political tensions increase. Both TED Hatay Koleji and the Reel Works program at Mott Hall Bridges Academy decided to become visual pen-pals through a video post-card project. TED was able to send a video to the students of Mott Hall Bridges Academy sharing with them the foods they eat, the sports they play, songs they sing, and on the street interviews. They were so enthusiastic to make new friends across the globe in Brooklyn, New York.

The students participating in the Reel Works film program at Mott Hall responded with a video showing their neighborhood, what they eat, the games they play, the housing projects they live in, all as they talk about their school and neighborhood as a place they have come to care for and have learned so much from.

Reel Works is so happy to have both Mott Hall Bridges Academy and TED Hatay Koleji as in-schools partners for this amazing international video exchange. Both videos will be screened for the first time at Mott Hall Bridges Academy on February 9th at 9am during the school-wide Community Spotlight Presentations.

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