Reel Works & AOL Empower Young Women MAKERS

AOL’s MAKERS is a storytelling platform for the trailblazing women of today and tomorrow.  Since last summer, Reel Works has partnered with AOL to empower and train young women producers.

“I’ve gained enough inspiration from AOL MAKERS to last me a lifetime,” said Monet Massac, “it made me aware of the work I have to left do and made me proud of the work I’ve already done.”

In February, four of our filmmakers had the unique experience of participating in the AOL Makers Conference at the Verizon headquarters in New Jersey – celebrating an incredible lineup of women who have broken barriers for women in politics, sports, entertainment, science and more.

“This conference was truly so inspiring because I got the advice I’ve been waiting to hear: ‘If you doubt your power, you give power to your doubts’ and ‘break yourself to make yourself,’” said Gianna Gomez, “I was exposed to so many powerful women that look out for each other in the industry, and I learned how I can further look out for my female peers and support them in their career like these women do.”

“I enjoyed witnessing women being honored and recognized for doing what they love in film,” said Brianna Abdullah, “it let me know that I can continue pursuing my passion in a way that impacts and uplifts women, including women of color, so that I can uplift the next generation of women.”

Reel Works extends our our deep gratitude and pride for our partnership with the AOL Charitable Foundation and and thank them for giving a platform for the remarkable voices of the young women we serve. Read more about our Summer 2016 AOL Makers Editing Workshop here.

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