Blue Sky’s the Limit

Nine young filmmakers spent the last day of February break on a field trip to Blue Sky Studios to learn more about 3D animation from the creative minds behind Ice Age, Peanuts Movie, Rio, and more.

From pencil sketches, to clay sculptures to 3D computer models – the brilliant and creative minds at Blue Sky shared every step of the process of creating 3D characters for their animated films.

“I really liked seeing the character design process, and I especially loved learning about the rigging portion of the tour,” said Camryn Mina, 14.  Rigging is the process where computer designers decide how digital characters will move on screen.  “Going on this tour inspired me to explore animation as a part of my career path.”

“When I thought about the work that went into creating something with animation, 3D or otherwise, I never realized how complex and extraordinary it all really was,” said Amya Williams, 15. “I’ve always wanted to be an animator, and the friendly and welcoming atmosphere made me feel like I fit right in. They put creativity and care in everything they do and it shows!”

This incredibly fascinating and exciting experience for our young animators, provided through our partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Blue Sky Studios.

“Not only did I learn about animation, but I also got to meet new people and develop different viewpoints on the process of producing an animated film,”  said Nicole Chow, 15

It is so important that young people who dream of careers making movies get a chance to visit places like Blue Sky, meet the people who make the movies they love, and learn about the many different roles and careers that make up the industry.

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