2017 Fall Narrative Lab Screening

The 2017 Fall Narrative Lab Screening on June 29th, 2017 featured four short films from four talented young filmmakers.


The audience was at awe by the extraordinary work, sophistication and technicality behind their films. The films touched on a broad range of topics such as vulnerability, entitlement, identity, and the search to belong.

The program featured Still Figuring It Out by Devin HalbalMis Dolores by Gabriela CarreraA Matter of Speaking by Monet Massac, and No Compromise by Nathael Jean Louis. The films are all available for viewing on our website.

We ended the night off with a Q&A with the students. Students reflected about the things they’ve learned from the Narrative Lab, and shared how much support they received from their mentors.


A special thanks to Narrative Lab Instructor, filmmaker Naima Ramos Chapman, all the mentors, and the peer mentors who made this night possible for our students. Thank you for pushing them, giving your expertise and time, and being a huge role model for our young filmmakers.

We also want to send a huge thanks to Time Warner Inc. and their staff for hosting us in their space and allowing us to showcase our student’s work in their screening room!


Photography by Sarah Stacke

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