Movie of the Week: Two Stops by Hillary Safadi

Stuck on a train, two exes are forced to confront their past and reconsider their future in Two Stops by Hillary Safadi. (Mentor: Ali Read)

The Narrative Lab definitely gave me new insight and experience through being able to crew as an Assistant Director for other students’ films, and gain new experience throughout the pre-production, production, and post-production stages of not solely any film, but my own,” Hillary shared.

“Making a narrative film is an investment – both on the spectrum of time and mentally – and although a lot of obstacles came throughout the process, it’s always an amazing opportunity to be able to make another film. None of it wouldn’t be able to happen without all the help and preparation the Narrative Lab program gives you.”

Director of Two Stops, Hillary Safadi (left) and her main actress, Jennifer Kolsch (right) at the Narrative Lab Screening at HBO.

Hillary made two versions of her film – a silent version and director’s cut. During production, she was hit with an obstacle with sound as her film takes place in the subway. Although reshooting was an option, Hillary felt that the cinematography on the subway was too valuable to lose.

Hillary’s script was dialogued based. However, the silent version of her film, initially starting off as an exercise, stood on its own ground. Both versions of her film tell the same story, but mean different things. Hillary has since merged the two films – taking both aspects from her silent film and director’s cut – to produce the film shown here.

Reel Works presents “Movie of the Week” to showcase the exemplary films made by our young filmmakers. If you’d like to get early access to the Narrative Lab films, join us on Patreon where you can support the film careers of emerging media professionals like Hillary!

Watch the full film here. 

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