Build Studios NYC Field Trip

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 3.52.11 PM

On Thursday, August 1st, Reel Works students and alumni jumped at the opportunity to get an inside look into BUILD Studios NYC. They were able to meet the people on the talk show, and have a tour of the entire place, from the green-screens to the workspace, and even got to sit in the Build Brunch, their daily morning talk show, as audience members!


“The experience was very captivating and the hosts were energetic and lively and personable. I was amazed by the camera work and the crane that moved from side to side. As someone that wants to work behind-the-camera, it really caught my interest. I will definitely catch up with the show!” – Elijah Caballero 

NanBuild2It was cool to see it so up close and get a chance to talk with the hosts! The office environment was really fantastic, and has inspired me to pursue a career that has a similar environment.” – Nan Lin

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