Movie of The Week: In the Dark by Larry Cruz

“In the Dark” by Larry Cruz places the viewers in the shoes of a blind young man who is determined to live without support from others. On his way to visit his father’s grave, he encounters someone who will change his way of thinking.
 “He sounds like a really awesome Dad.”Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 2.55.37 PM

“Yeah well… he was.

“He was?”

“Yeah. Mind telling me what section he’s in?”

This short film depicts a protagonist that refuses to cower in the face of adversity, and is tired of being perceived as helpless. It is also a reflection on how grief can affect people on various levels.


“Something I greatly loved and appreciated was having the guest editor come over and teach the class on a Saturday explaining the pasting of editing and the magic that it can do if a scene is too long, you can shorten it by having 2 lines of dialogue, or even no dialogue and letting the actors act. Cutting around the dialogue really opened my eyes to the magic of editing and it’s what I’m striving to work in as my career. Thank you Reel Works for giving me the opportunity to work on my skills in being a filmmaker and supporting me all the way through!”Larry Cruz

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