Movie of the Week: The Invasion of the Culture Snatchers by Jaire Marshall

“The Invasion of the Culture Snatchers” by Jaire Marshall is a witty short film about a college student that returns to his neighborhood for summer break, but something has changed. The bodega is now under new management who has ulterior motives for the neighborhood.Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 5.35.00 PM

“How can I take your order broski?”

“Uh… can I get a beef patty with cheese?”

“Sure thing fam. You want that with, or without kale?”

“Why would I have to specify?”

“Because it comes with kale… have you ever had a beef patty before?”

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 5.26.19 PM

Unlike many films that tackle heavy topics such as gentrification and cultural appropriation, “The Invasion of the Culture Snatchers” is a breath of fresh air in how it uses comedy to hyperbolize these issues and inspect its effects in an outlandishly hilarious manner.


“My experience in Narrative Lab has gotten better with time.  In the beginning, I felt bored with the mundane stuff, then realized how important every step was leading to my film.  I now feel accomplished because I had a great shoot.” – Jaire Marshall

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